Italian Society of Fisioterapy: the vision, mission statement

The vision

The centrality of Physiotherapy.
We chose the name "Italian Society of Physiotherapy (SIF)” as a means of identifying with our professional values, in the same way that most scientific disciplines in the medical area do. Identifying the area of intervention of our profession (physiotherapy) in a clear way helps us to avoid creating confusion and misunderstanding, which for so long have been the basis of our lack of scientific development and which have moved us away from the necessary confrontation and integration with other international organizations of our profession.
Apart from the semantic value, the choice of the name provides a clear indication to proceed towards the development of assessment, intervention and diagnostic and therapeutic tools in a transparent and unambiguous way.

The scientific qualifications of the directors.
The international scientific community agrees that the scientific profile of a project or an initiative is evaluated based on the principles of sharing and universality. These principles are expressed naturally in moments of confrontation and public debate: at congresses and in journals. The Italian Society of Physiotherapy (SIF) will therefore be represented by leaders recognisable in this role, ie who have a background compatible with the direction towards which the entire profession intends to orient itself.

This implies maximum openness to other disciplines aimed towards the development of scientific projects of mutual interest without preclusions due to risvolti di facciata o etichette sconvenienti. It is possible to collaborate with anybody who shares the universal principles
of scientific research with the objective of acquiring new elements of knowledge, rationalising them through appropriate pathways in an Evidence-Based logic, and articulating them in initiatives with the goal of promoting clinical practice based on solid proof of efficacy.

Mission statement

The purpose of the Association is to promote scientific activities within the Physiotherapy field and to promote the dissemination of knowledge and clinical evidence based practice, taking any action deemed appropriate to achieve these objectives, in particular:

  • The promotion of scientific research in all areas of physiotherapy intervention (clinical, organizational, educational etc.)
  • The promotion of initiatives aimed at the dissemination of the scientific foundations of Physiotherapy, stimulating knowledge and development of guidelines and evidence-based practice
  • Collaboration with other National and International Scientific Societies
  • Collaboration with Universities, the Ministry of Health, Regions, local health authorities, and public and private institutions