Eventi 2018
Comunicazioni Orali

Comunicazioni Orali

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  • Gardoni A, Agosta F, Sarasso E, Volontè MA, Galantucci S, Tettamanti A, Filippi M. Dual-task in Parkinson’s disease: a gait analysis and functional MRI study.
  • Gagliardi M, Covotta A, Maggi G, Sansoni J, Galeoto G. Evaluation of the best evidence for physiotherapeutic treatment in patients with hip replacement: guidelines.
  • Temporiti F, Zanotti G, Furone R, Barbaglia A, Grappiolo G, Loppini M, Gatti R. Postural and functional performance after bilateral or unilateral total hip arthroplasty.
  • Tammaro F, oMaselli F, Testa M, Piscitelli D. A systematic review of Red flags to screen malignancy in patients with non-specific low back pain. Is it possible to identify a screening pathway?