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Paola Binetti

Academic Activities
Full professor of  “History of medicine and human sciences” at the “Campus Bio-Medico” University in Rome. She directed the “Department of research in education and didactis” at the same University for 15 years. Past President of the “Science and Life Board”. Past President of the “Italian Society in medical education”. Assistant president of  the “Italian Society of informatics in medicine”. Member of numerous Boards, among other the “National Board of bioethics”. She participated at numerous research projects in Italy and in other countries. She is author of more than 300 research articles published on journals and numerous books in the field of the Medical Education.
Member of the Italian Parliament since 2006. She is a member of the following Organs of the Parialment: XII Parliamentary committee (Social Affairs); Parliamentary committee of enquiry on Errors and on the causes of the financial deficits in the Health Care System.

Carlo Casonato

Full professor of Comparative Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law  at the University of Trento (Italy) and scientific director of the project “Biolaw” that regards issues related to the Jurisprudence in bioethics. He coordinates the area of the public law in the PhD School of the Department of Jurisprudence Sciences at the University of Trento and he is delegated from the Rector of the same University inside the Ethical Commette for the experimentation on human being. President of the local Board of bioethics. (APSS Trento) and member of various Ethical Commette oparating locally different areas of Italy.
He taught  and participated at different research activities in the USA (Illinois Institute of Technology – Chicago, Berkeley, Suffolk University, Harvard), in Canada (Toronto and Montreal), in the United Kingdom and in Spain. At the present time he is the scientific director of the project titled The impact of Biotechnological Innovations on Fundamental Rights: An Interdisciplinary and Comparative Survey, promoted by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (2008-2011).
Recently, he had been invited to speak at the Italian Parliament and at the Italian Constitutional Court.
He wrote numerous articles about Comparative Constitutional Law and he published various books, among other the Lectures on foundamental principles of the Constitution (2010) and  Introduction a tthe biolaw (2009).

Andrew Guccione

Physical Therapist, PhD, DPT, FAPTA. He is currently Deputy Director of VA Health Services Research and Development Service, Washington. He received his PhD in Sociology and a Certificate in Gerontological studies from Boston University. He also holds a masters degree in Philosophy from Temple University and masters in Physical Therapy from Boston University.
His research interests are in geriatrics, health status measurement and functional outcomes after rehabilitation. His clinical practice has centered mainly on geriatrics and musculoskeletal impairment in older adults.
He is the author of many articles and has been invited as a speaker at numerous national and international conferences and congresses.

Niccolò Marchionni

Full Professor of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine and President of the Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Florence.  Director of the Unit of Cardiology and Geriatric Medicine at the Academic Hospital Careggi in Florence. President of the Italian Society of  Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine.
He is author of numerous scientific papers, mainly related to internal medicine  and the clinical geriatrics issues.

Michele Schiavone

Philosopher, full professor of Bioethics at the University of Genova (Italy) he coordinates the PhD School in Bioethics and Clinical experimentation in Oncology at the same University. He is member of the National Commette in Bioethics where he coordinate the activities on the mental illness group. He is member of the Ethical Group of the Italian Society of Psychiatry and he is the President of the Ethical Commette of the Lombardy Region (Italy).
He is author of numerous scientific papers and participated as lecturer at variours national and international scientific congress in the fields of Bioethics, Legal Medicine and Psychiatry.

Fulvio Zegna

Fulvio Zegna, Physiotherapist

Specialized in "Home and Hospice palliative care" at the University of Milan.
Expert in palliative treatment, he lectured in various national Congress of the Italian Society of Palliative Treatment.
Since February 2006 he works as consultant at the Unit for Palliative Treatment in Florence.