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1st International Congress

1st International Congress


October 6, 2011


Paolo Pillastrini - President of the Congress – President of the Società Italiana Fisioterapia (S.I.F.)
Mauro Tavarnelli Vice-President of the Associazione Italiana Fisioterapisti (A.I.Fi.)
Filiz Can - International Association for Physical Therapists working with Older People (IPTOP) - subgroup of the WCPT

Session 1

Chairmans: Roberto Gatti, Marco Narici

9.00 - Ageing, health and self-sufficiency: implications for geriatric rehabilitation
Luigi Ferrucci

9.45 - Assessing function and quality of life
Andrew Guccione

10.15 - Discussion

10.45 - Coffe-Poster Session

Session 2

Chairmans: Matteo Paci, Luigi Ferrucci

11.45 - Sarcopenia: characteristics, mechanisms and prevention
Marco Narici

12.15 - Mechanisms of muscle weakness and fatigue in geriatric patients and targets for therapy in geriatric rehabilitation
Ivan Bautmans

12.45 - Discussion
13.00 - Lunch

Session 3

Chairmans: Marco Baccini, Luca Marzola

14.00 - Enhancing mobility: gait, balance and falls
Beth Fisher

14.45 - Oral communication: A cross-sectional study of balance and health - related fitness measures with older independent women that perform - an usual (i), physical exercise program targeted at fall risk factors (ii) or (iii) with no exercise. D. Stefanova

15.00 - Oral communication: Falls in the elderly institutionalized: is the Performance Oriented MobilityAssessment (POMA) really useful in risk assessment? S. Sala

15.15 - Oral communication: The anticipatory postural control in young people, in elderly and in patients with Parkinson's Disease. L. Martelli

15.30 - Discussion

15.45 - Coffe-Poster Session

Session 4

Chairmans: Marco Testa, Giuseppe Plebani

16.15 - Musculoskeletal impairment: opportunities for rehabilitation to enhance function
Chad Cook

17.00 - Oral communication: Prevalence and characteristics of pain in patients with Parkinson's disease. M. Nicolai

17.15 - Oral communication: Effectiveness of a treatment in group with Action Observation in elderly patients with hip arthroplasty: functional results in the acute phase. C. Benini

17.30 - Oral communication: Validation of a scale for assessing outcome of management of musculoskeletal disorders. A. Lenzini

17.45 -18.00 - Discussion

October 7, 2011

Session 5

Chairmans: Stefania Costi, Niccolò Marchionni

9.00 - Care and rehabilitation of the medically complex patient
Marco Baccini, Enrico Benvenuti

9.45 - Geriatric Pharmacology: implications for physiotherapy
Marco Trabucchi

10.30 - Discussion

10.45 - Coffe break

11.00 - Impact of ageism on the health status in older adults
Niccolò Marchionni

11.30 - Roundtable:
Ethical and end of life issues: the aim of the physiotherapy
On. Paola Binetti, Prof. Carlo Casonato, PhD Andrew Guccione, Prof. Niccolò Marchionni, Prof. Michele Schiavone, Dr Fulvio Zegna
Chiarman: Paolo Pillastrini

13.00 - Lunch

Session 6

Chairmans: Lucia Bertozzi, Marco Trabucchi

14.00 - Home-care in geriatrics
Sarah Taddeo

14.45 - Oral communication: Chronic peripheral arterial disease: efficacy of an individualized home management program. M. Colella

15.00 - Oral communication: Observational study of physical activity at home in patients with chronic heart failure: relation to the clinical functional status of the syndrome. S. Monaco

15.15 - Oral communication: The self-treatment in Parkinson's disease. A. Semprini

15.30 - Discussion

15.45 - Coffe break

Session 7

Moderatori: Andrew Guccione, Enrico Benvenuti

16.00 - Future of Practice and Research in Geriatric Physical Therapy
Filiz Can

16.45 - Oral communication: Influence of age on visual perception of vertical: a study of healthy patients with psychophysical method. J. Berti

17.00 - Oral communication: Stabilizing muscle activation in healthy subjects of different ages. A. Tettamanti

17.15 - Oral communication: Stability of measures of spatial and temporal parameters of gait in subjects with Parkinson's disease and differences compared to age-matched healthy subjects.
M. Baccini

17.30 - Discussion

17.45 - Awards and Conclusion

Scientific Committee


  • Paolo Pillatrini (Bologna)


  • Stefania Costi (Reggio Emilia)


  • Marco Baccini (Firenze)
  • Lucia Bertozzi (Bologna)
  • Alessia Fabbri (Bologna)
  • Robero Gatti (Milano)
  • Andrew Guccione (Washington, USA)
  • Matteo Paci (Prato)
  • Giuseppe Plebani (Siena)
  • Marco Testa (Savona)